WEBINAR: Make Your Proposal Shine!

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WEBINAR: Make Your Proposal Shine! Tips from the World of Professional Copyeditors

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Grant professionals often face rushed proposal timelines and limited staff resources, with little time for editing and increased chances for mistakes. Yet a careful level of editing allows a reviewer to focus, undistracted, on a proposal, digest key messages, and award evaluation points. Led by a professional copyeditor, this webinar will share key tools used by copyeditors that can be applied to grant proposals.

Learning objectives:
1. Levels of copyediting: understand differences between proofreading; light, medium, and heavy editing; and developmental editing; and determine an appropriate level for a specific proposal timeline.

2. Reference tools: introduce common materials used by copyeditors, including style guides, dictionaries, and online resources, and identify those that should be in a grant professional’s “arsenal.”

3. Style sheet: understand this common tool and how it saves time and increases efficiency in editing proposals.

4. Query: understand the “query”—how a copyeditor communicates questions to an author—and how to use this approach in working with program staff writers.

5. Editing processes: introduce common processes, including sequential “passes,” horizontal editing, and self-editing.

6. MS Word tools: review grammar/spellcheckers and examine readability tools which increase clarity, reduce verbiage, and improve reviewer comprehension.

Grant professionals will benefit from understanding key concepts of copyediting and identifying 5-7 editing strategies to use in future grant proposals. Furthermore, grant professionals will identify ways to encourage their organizations to ensure an appropriate level of editing in proposal preparation processes—an organizational benefit.

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 14, 1:00-2:00 pm Central

Registration: https://www.grantprofessionals.org/ev_calendar_day.asp?date=6/14/2018&eventid=228

Presenter: David Lindeman, CFRE, GPC, is president of Global Grant Solutions in Washington, DC. He provides nonprofit organizations with grant development, writing, and editing services for a variety of domestic and international programs. He is also a certified copyeditor and edits books, journal articles, chapters, annual reports, and other materials. He has recently presented at the GPA and American Copy Editors Society (ACES) national conferences on editing grant proposals.


David Lindeman, CFRE, GPC is president of Global Grant Solutions in Washington, DC. He provides grant development, writing, and editing services to help client organizations secure funding for domestic and international programs in education, health, economic development, science and technology, and other fields. He is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI); Chair of the Publications Committee of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA); and past president of GPA’s National Capital Area chapter. He can be reached at dlindeman@globalgrantsolutions.com.

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