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David Lindeman will be the lead presenter of the Take Your Writing and Reviewing to the Next Level: Become a GPA Author or Peer Reviewer! session at the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Date and Time: Friday, November 8, 2019, 9:00-10:15 am Eastern.

GPA’s editorial and peer review team will provide an overview of the GPA Grant News, Strategy Papers, and Journal and share opportunities for becoming an author or peer reviewer. The session will examine strategies for developing an article concept, writing a manuscript, receiving and incorporating reviewer feedback, and editing and finalizing a published work. Then, the session will examine the important role of peer review in scholarly publishing, delve into GPA’s double-blind peer review process, and share strategies for providing critical and constructive feedback as a peer reviewer.

Benefits: Scholarly writing and reviewing advances both individual grant professionals and the grants profession. Grant professionals sharpen their research, writing, and critical review skills in a new context, expand knowledge, and gain visibility in the profession. The process of conducting research, writing, and providing critical peer review adds new, high-quality knowledge and advances the grants profession.

Learning Objectives:
– Appreciate relevance of scholarly writing and peer reviewing to career development and grants field.
– Identify best practices and skills for scholarly research, writing, and peer reviewing.
– Understand requirements and next steps for writing or reviewing for GPA publications.
– Develop plans for career advancement through writing and reviewing.

David Lindeman, CFRE, GPC is president of Global Grant Solutions in Washington, DC. He provides grant development, writing, and editing services to help client organizations secure funding for domestic and international programs in education, health, economic development, science and technology, and other fields. He is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI); Chair of the Publications Committee of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA); and past president of GPA’s National Capital Area chapter. He can be reached at dlindeman@globalgrantsolutions.com.

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